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Originally Posted by Cobalt Caliber View Post
Wow uhh I heard systema was expensive but wow... Wow, thats quite alot. Thats like 3.5x more than other m4s... Ok i guess i could but no i couldn't justify spending that much with so little experince. It'd be like giving me a brand new sports car, things could go very wrong.
YES! Common sense prevails!

Truth be told the SystemA's are nice but they're not for everyone. Basically they're like the Ferrari of the airsoft world. The benefits of the PTW is that it's exactly the same dimensions as it's real steel counterpart, and can take real steel externals, I think the same weight as well, it's also got a kickass hop up system supposedly and a host of other cool benefits that you don't need but are nice to have. Just get a regular AEG as your first.

As for the G&G thing. Yes max outdoor speeds are typically 400 FPS BUT don't buy a gun for it's out of the box speed. You can easily change the speed with a $10 spring up/downgrade. I would highly suggest an M110 spring (typically 360-380 FPS) so that you're safe for all outdoor play. Chronos can be off slightly and read slightly higher or lower, and ambient weather can have an effect on BB speed as well (supposedly). Remember 400 FPS is a LIMIT not a goal. I'm pretty sure that I'm shooting around 380 on my M4.

NB: I also use .25 or .28g BB's for 340 and 320 FPS respectively. The loss in velocity is worth the extra effective range/accuracy gain from a heavier projectile.

I can't tell you if it's truly crap since I've never played with one but yes they are cheap and could potentially have problems with it's internals but I wouldn't worry about it until something breaks. Then take it to a gundoc to upgrade. Truth be told I haven't touched the internals on my M4 at all. I let a gundoc do it for me. (EDIT: Although I am slowly learning the tricks of the trade and am hoping to understand enough to be able to build up a gun from scratch one day)
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