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Originally Posted by Renegade) View Post
I can shatter a glass bottle with a .30 styrene... I can crack a window at 10 feet with .28 from my M4 sub 400 FPS... By your reasoning, we shouldn't be shooting airsoft at eachother?

My point is, read the many discussions on Silica... they cause the same amount of damage to skin, teeth, plastic equipment as regular bb's do. The only difference is they travel right through glass since they are made of it.

To answer the OP: A lot of Paintball fields are moving to bio only, the ministry of environment is the protagonist behind this. Most fields limit what bb's you can use, including weights.
Some dont allow bio
Some dont allow silica
Some indoor facilities limit your weight to .20 at sub 350FPS.

If your not sure when you sign up for a game, ask the hosting player. Chances are, others are curious as well.
The reason why silica bbs are banned in most game is simply the kinetic energy transfer to target is higher. Most bb shatter or deform, silica doesn't. I can understand why bio bb used to be banned simply due to the nature of too easily shatter (and produce small fragment that can go through mesh goggle which one shouldn't be wearing in first place). However, more big manufacture have jump in on it, and now most big brands bb don't shatter

As for OP question, it purely depends on the bb source. in Edmonton quite alot of people now are using bio bb simply because we have Capital Airsoft and Bent Barrel that sells them. Another thing to consider is bb weight
Silica are: 0.27, 0.28g
bio are: 0.20, 0.25, 0.28, and 0.30g (0.40g are also available however, only Bioval produce it. There's no distributor in Canada that offers it)
Steyrene: 0.12, 0.20, 0.22, 0.23, 0.25, 0.28, 0.30, 0.36, 0.40, 0.46g

For heavy weight user ('sniper') typically favors 0.36g+ which bio bb does not have. 0.30g is the heaviest AFAIK and only green devil (distributor in Canada) and bioval produces it.
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