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Wow uhh I heard systema was expensive but wow... Wow, thats quite alot. Thats like 3.5x more than other m4s... Ok i guess i could but no i couldn't justify spending that much with so little experince. It'd be like giving me a brand new sports car, things could go very wrong.

But yes M4 seems to be the right track seeing as there is a multitude of parts.

Ok one attractive option for me to buy from is a localish army surplus store
heroarmysurplus dot com (no spaces dot is . (but u can figure that out))

Ok and a g&g question there max series looks cool, but isnt the fps limit for aegs outdoor often 400?

And ive heard of G&G being cheap and having mag compatibilty probs, any truth to said rumors, or am i hearing more bias bullcrap?
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