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Heed this advice. Say nothing about airsoft, airsoft guns, airsoft games, airsoft fields, airsoft players, or anything remotely linked or associated with any of the above.

You'll find yourself hauled in to the Principal's office to speak with a friendly constable and a communist social worker to discuss your obsessions with firearms or violence, violence related firearms, violent hobbies, or any other hopolophobic subject they can ding you with.

Then you'll find yourself watching the police search your house, while they tell your parents that they're very concerned with your obsession with violence and firearms. You'll probably be suspended, of not expelled, and you might wind up with a string of references that will keep you on the "do not grant a firearms license" list.

It's not right, but I guarantee you it's the truth. You're in Quebec, home of the school shootings and the Montreal Massacre. Right or wrong, you're going to get fucked in the ear with a hot poker.

Write about unicorns, or rainbows, or unicorns that shit rainbows, but don't ever for a second even consider bringing up airsoft or anything gun related in highschool.
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what if it model after his?

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