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Thanks for the suggestions!

Well If I choose to do an essay, it's a 4000 words essay with a 4000 words analysis of how I made, and what it borught me in my life and blabla.. But this project is only for the IEP (International eduction program) in which I study, and if I decide to not do it, I'll just not get the two diplomas it gives me, I'll just receive my High school diploma (it's called DES here in Quebec, I don't know how you call it in UK).

Other than the essay, I can choose form building something like a table or a guitar or whatever I want, but I need to have a goal when building something ( like discover my creative side by making something original, or making something which is economic, of quality and kind of look nice, ect.). And the last choice is organizing an event, like some outside party with elders, or maybe even an airsoft game. I can absolutely whatever I want, but I just have to keep in mind that I do something to achieve a goal, an objective.

But I should find an idea right now, because I must present it tomorrow infront of the class lol.. I guess I'll go with the essay.

P.S. Yea sorry for my rusty english, it's not my main language. :P

EDIT: So yea, I'm going with the essay about if airsoft should be accepted or not in Canada, but to do it, I'll first need A LOT of sources and websites and articles and anything I can find talking about it, those who are for airsoft, as well as those who aren't. I'll need to give arguments for both sides in my essay. Your help is greatly appreciated!

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