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Originally Posted by Cobalt Caliber View Post
1. Batteries I know little of nothing about them. Can someone post some facts.

2. I don't want a GBB I hear they are more maintenance intensive than an AEG, but what maintenance does an AEG req.

I'll ask more in a short while. Also I'm hopping to AV'd ASAP after I turn 18, I wana good look at the classifieds. Before purchasing anything, you all seem to hold it with high regard so I figure I'd better listen.
1) Everything you could possibly need to know about batteries:

2) Wipe down the barrel of dust/dirt occasionally. Grease/lube gears (even if you get a high quality gun it's advised that you eventually take apart the gearbox, clean up all the grease from the gears and relube with FinishLine Teflon). I guess wiping down the gun after a day of play to get dust/dirt off it and dry it out (if humid/or wet). That's pretty much it. If you don't mess around with it (and it's a high quality gun) then you should be good.

As for entering the sport. $1000 is a good budget and will get you a long way to start. I personally started for around ~$650 but over the next 3 months later I spent another ~$200 and slowly acquired more gear and stuff.

Also, you should note that it will usually take up to 3 weeks (sometimes longer) for AV to go through (this is including meeting up, submission of your info, and then an admin giving you your AV usertag). What you can do for now though is visit surplus shops and stuff and pickup BDU's and other useful gear (ie. PB mask, sealed ballistics, or ballistic glasses depending on the field you play at, batteries, charger (go to RC shop for this), red killrag, good boots etc.).
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