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1. All metal construction, I don't want plastic. No offense to people with Tinted lower receiver but there is a reason you're is less expensive.
Wrong I've seen many guns with tinted lowers that are just as good as a full metal gun full metals can have plastic gear boxes which makes them cheap.
2.A weapon that it is fairly easy to find mods and upgrades for.
What kind of mods are you looking for? only kind I can think of are new springs motors and whatever else they have. Scopes and other sites are there for looks only since airsoft ballistics suck.
3. I would perfer a weapon that comes with RIS or some kind of rails.
Could be good but are not needed. Example airsoft 1911 can have lower rail or none. The real 1911 does not have rails.
4. Reliability and solid construction without having to upgrade like hell.
If you don't plan on leaving it in mud or salt water most are fine.
5. Battery, well I don't really know much about them but I don't really want an insane rof (from what I've read it wears out your internals) but more longevity.
Don't know can't comment.
6. I want a sight, but won't get one for minimum a few games, try out the iron sights first.From my experience the ballistics suck sights are pointless.

7. I want easy to find mags, i don't wana search. beg and plead just to buy a few mags. Also I'm a real cap fan, but won't start off with them till I get more experience.
Don't know not going to venture an opinion.
8. I'm looking for either an SMG or preferably and assault rifle (carbine or full size) I want to play both CQB and outdoor but not need to expensive guns.

No ideas.

Also note most is my personal opinion feel free to disagree.
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