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What I think I know

Well I'm sure most of you don't care but I do so bear with me please.

I am a mere 6 months and 7 days (as of this post) from my 18th birthday. So when November 23 comes around I want to be ready and informed. I want to talk with other players and get advice, because I cannot trust retailers to tell me anything but, my product is better buy it.

So airsoft is an expensive hobby and I'm looking to spend around the same as I would on my Ice Hockey Goalie equipment. Which means anywhere from 1000.00 to 3000.00 dollars. I know I could probably spend less but I've done paintball and clearsoft and I really enjoy both but felt it was lacking something. I know it was a realistic feel to the weapons, I find walking outta the bush looking like a priceless painting annoying and I love the more realistic look to Airsoft style Loadouts.

So I want to go through what I'm looking for and read you're replies.

Ok so heres my basic list of what I want to start off with gun-wise.

1. All metal construction, I don't want plastic. No offense to people with Tinted lower receiver but there is a reason you're is less expensive.

2.A weapon that it is fairly easy to find mods and upgrades for.

3. I would perfer a weapon that comes with RIS or some kind of rails.

4. Reliability and solid construction without having to upgrade like hell.

5. Battery, well I don't really know much about them but I don't really want an insane rof (from what I've read it wears out your internals) but more longevity.

6. I want a sight, but won't get one for minimum a few games, try out the iron sights first.

7. I want easy to find mags, i don't wana search. beg and plead just to buy a few mags. Also I'm a real cap fan, but won't start off with them till I get more experience.

8. I'm looking for either an SMG or preferably and assault rifle (carbine or full size) I want to play both CQB and outdoor but not need to expensive guns.

Well thats allot to start with. I also would like to ask a couple of questions.

1. Batteries I know little of nothing about them. Can someone post some facts.

2. I don't want a GBB I hear they are more maintenance intensive than an AEG, but what maintenance does an AEG req.

I'll ask more in a short while. Also I'm hopping to AV'd ASAP after I turn 18, I wana good look at the classifieds. Before purchasing anything, you all seem to hold it with high regard so I figure I'd better listen.
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