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I think I understand how this works a bit better. I thought it was some dissertation/report that you were writing to graduate CEGEP or whatever and would be shown to administrators, other teachers, and possibly kept on record.

I know that here in the UK, students do a final year dissertation of between 7,000 to 10,000 words. It's kept on file at the university (for like 7 years I think), marked by a panel of the professors who have knowledge in that field (ie. if you're a physical geographer you'll get profs with a physical background to review your dissertation) and also shown to a board of external examiners, and the administration. On occasion the dissertations are also published in academic research journals (sometimes high profile ones, and other times less known ones).

I was thinking it was something like that except on a smaller scale. Like a typical capstone project that could be freely accessible by anyone in the community after. (ie. If someone does a report on community centres and stuff, the local municipal government might look at it when doing research about where to put a new community centre or what services/recreational activities to offer).

I'd say you could forge ahead with it if that's what you really want to do. But be prepared when you forward your capstone project proposal. Be ready to defend the idea (ie. In my case I submitted a research proposal more on the level of a Ph.D thesis rather than a potential Bachelors Honours thesis, I also apparently didn't relate enough course material to the project or something).

PS: I'd still be careful. Perceptions are oftentimes stronger than what the reality is. Take a look at the Japanese nuclear reactor. People were freaking out unnecessarily. Yes sure the shit really hit the fan but people were still ignorant and didn't understand anything. ("OMG radioactive material will hit the west coast, I gotta stay inside and take iodine pills!!11oneone1!11one!1eleven111!. It doesn't matter that it gets diluted well below detectable thresholds as it crosses the Pacific ocean it's RADIOACTIVE!!111!!!1"). It's not the act of doing something wrong, rather it's the perception that you've done something wrong that will get you in unnecessary trouble.
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