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If there's one thing I've learned it's to not rock the boat. Don't think you're some sort of messiah and/or saviour that will save airsofting in Canada. This doesn't mean that you're not going to save the world, find a cure for aids or cancer, or discover some sort of untapped energy that will solve our energy crisis but pick your battles. Curb your enthusiasm and simply don't rock the boat.
That's not what I intend to do with this project either, it's just an essay, not a letter to some people in the government or whatever you're talking about. I'm not expecting anything to change after I write the essay, it's just my opinion on the problematic with different point of views from both sides, that's all.

The only reason why I want to do it about airsoft is because it's my hobbie and I would like to do something related to my hobbie, so I'll be happy doing the project the whole time, and not something I know nothing about and which I'll hate to do the whole time. I'm no saviour and/or messiah that will save airsofting in Canada, just a guy who loves this sport/hobbie, just as someone who loves to do horseback riding. So one thing I am not going to curb is my enthusiasm towards what I like. I came here in hopes to find interesting and original ideas of projects that can be related with airsoft, in one way or another, and you're not helping.

And I don't think that the fact that it's related to airsoft is going to be a problem. There has always been projects related to touchy subjects, and no one was ever sent to the psychiatrist for their idea of project. If they don't like it, they will simply tell me to change it and everything will be fine. Just this year, I made a ghillie wrap for one of my airsoft gun in one of the techno projects we had, as well as texts about paintball and airsoft, and I never had any problems with it, and nor did the school and teachers have any problems with it.

I just want some suggestions from the community here, not everyone's opinion about me making a project related to airsoft or not, about COD or something in life, or someone's rambling about me not being the messiah of airsoft in Canada. Everyone's ideas are welcome.

Thanks for your help!

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