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Originally Posted by vondnik View Post
runs flawlessly on my iphone and is mutch cleaner than before... I don't see the problem on my end... For me everything is more streamed line and easyer to surf... What apps are you guys using to view the forum?
I don't use an app to view the site I use safari on the iPhone. All my bookmarks are linked together on all my macs. And where I'm on the go all the time I always access to this site on my Phone. This is a step backwards.
I would like to have a proper response from the staff as to what is going on and why this came to be.
Someone said that this is what cell phones in the early 2000's looked like when viewing a web site and they nailed it. I for one use safari and I treat my iPhone like my desk top. So having to view this in this format is laughable and also frustrating at the same time.

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