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Ahhh.... An american. That explains everything (the cussing, ignorance, and not understanding of any culture except American culture ). FYI AV doesn't really apply to you since you live in a more gun liberal country. Please, for the love of god fill in your profile (we could have avoided a lot of this if you at least said you were in the US), we assume people on this site without a location are Canadian or located in Canada by default.

A visit to The War Store in NY will get you setup:

The War Store
1155 Sheridan Dr., Tonawanda, NY 14150

EDIT: @ Shakal: GBBR's are 100% LEGAL AFAIK. There was only a problem with the WE's (or WA's) because of some dimensioning thing (not 100% clear on the details). I think BATF cleared subsequent batches as OK for importation.

@shadow: There's a few different options for you and really depends on how much you're willing to spend. There's the WE, WA, KJW, G&P WOC (WA Official Custom). Out of the box the KJW is probably the best and most gamable but there's a few problems with that platform in fairly light blow back action from what people are saying and having to buy KJW mags and only being available as thermold mags. WA is probably the best but I think you have to pretty much build it from the ground up. WE's Open bolt GBBR system is supposed to be pretty kickass though.
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