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Originally Posted by Kelly_mccasin View Post
Hi Guys,
I'm quite new to this site but I've been noticing a few trends since I've been here. A lot has to deal with the AVing procedure not being as good as it could be. Been looking around and noticed there is approx. 50 age verifiers on this site, however people still have trouble finding one they can meet. Maybe the lists simply need to be updated so its easier to find someone in your area. Also I noticed there is a total of 11 Admin who can actually give the "Stamp of Approval" and allow people into the AV ONLY sections of this forum once they have met their Age Verifier and he submits your info. I personally think this is crazy! There are approx. 33,100,000 people in Canada and only 11 people to allow you to AV. Thats a (3,009,091:1) Ratio. Thats unrealistic for anyone to do and thats why I think we need MORE ADMINS and an Updated Age Verifiers List to help out Noobs like me and get them off your backs. Thoughts?
I think your an idiot, if you seem to think that every single person in this country plays airsoft by your own math. At last count we have about 6000 actual active members (active meaning they visit once every 3 months at minimum), 33,000 board members but a vast amount are very infrequent or have not been around in a while.

The system works, your in one of the locations where there is a fair amount of age verifiers. If you havent been able to get verified, odds are your lazy.
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