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Outfitting first AEG - VFC SCAR-L CQC

G'day, all, and thanks for taking the time to read this. This post relates to putting a kit together for my gun.

I'm getting back into milsim after a long hiatus. After doing my research, I picked up a VFC SCAR-L CQC. However, I'm a little puzzled by my next steps, so input/comments/recommendations would be greatly appreciated. And apologies if this already appears elsewhere in the forums, but my searches didn't turn up anything directly relevant to my questions.

Also, I'm more interested in quality/durability/reliability/performance - cost is a secondary concern - aesthetics is tertiary.

If you feel like responding, please reference the question number so I know what you're responding to (that's the engineer in me being anal). On to the questions.

(1) Battery - 9.6 V, 1600 mAh, either mini or nunchuck. However, who makes a reliable battery pack? (I'm not considering LiPo at this time, at least until I understand the gearbox.)

(2) Charger - I saw two performance chargers - one at Toronto Airsoft by Intelligent, the other at 007Airsoft (the one with the fuzzy logic & European wall plug). How do they rate, and which would be recommended?

(3) Optical - I'm looking for a reflex and/or red-dot scope. The CQC is pretty much designed with that in mind. However, I like flexibility - so a scope with a dot AND some magnification would be ideal. I don't know if they come in a single package, or if it would be a two-piece setup. At this point, I'm looking at a King Arms ACOG w/ RD, or a red/green reflex, but not married to either. Comments, ideas, recommendations?

(4) Front Grip - A vertical post would be nice, but unsure who makes a good quality grip. Also, any thoughts on magazine grips (the "finger wraps" that fit around the mag-well) or the Magpul angled forestocks?

(5) Magazines - Magazines are hit/miss in M4/M16 styles that would feed reliability. I saw a recommendation for Magpul PTS EMags, which I'll look at. Are there any other make/models that would work reliably?

(6) SCAR Magazine question (not kit related) - The mag provided with the rifle did not include a top feed door for loading, or a tension wheel on the bottom. The feed hole to the gun's action, however, appears to be backed by a spring. Is this a new style of magazine being produced? And is it unique to VFC? (Note: the manual that came with the gun still mentioned the feed door and tension spring - I thought I was going nuts since the mag didn't have either of those items.)

(7) Loaders - Based on what I've seen so far, they appear to be single round plunger types, although electrics exist. I don't know how that style would work with magazines that use a top feed door. Also, I'm not sure if a loader would work with the stock magazine provided. Anyone have any experience to enlighten me?

Apologies for the number of questions, but AEGs is a new area for me, and the last time I played milsim, the best tech was CO2 gas & spring.

Thanks in advance!
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