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Originally Posted by CPT Scott View Post
You must not get out much. The Eagle M6 he's talking about is mine. I measured the distances myself, not a guess. Doesn't matter if you believe him or I because I know what my rifles can do. So guess and proclaim as much as you like. Until you see it first hand, you can only pretend you know what my rifles can do. Personally, I wouldn't want to sound off like a big shot if I were not there to see your rifles in action if you make claims of distance. So I'll only talk about items I own and know for sure.

And My Galil shoots 1,500 fps with 0.20 bbs, and can hit a penny at a 500 Meter distance. Though because it shoots that fast, it is considered a fully- automatic firearm, but is ok because I have a special forces-ninja commando licence.

You see, just because you say it, and we can’t proof you wrong, doesn’t make it true...


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