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Airsoft GI has this lovely piece written:

"Subject: California Senate Bill 798 / 2011

Dear Sir:

Please support the WITHDRAW SB 798, the bill proposed by Senator De Leon. It has the potential of causing all airsoft guns to be colored blaze red, bright blue, bright green, or clear. These are the same colors currently required for toy guns in California, and will have the effect of causing people to believe these are toys. Airsoft guns are not toys, and should not give the impression by their color that they are. If they are the same colors as toys, parents will be less likely to supervise their use, and children less likely to use the correct safety precautions that they normally would with using an orange tipped airsoft gun in black. This bill will cause MORE injuries and potential harm than the current law and federal regulations for imitation firearms. Please leave the current regulations as they are. Airsoft has had a remarkably safe history. Please do not change this good record now by pushing a bill which was considered 6 years ago, and rejected by the Attorney General of California for the above reason. Please encourage Senator De Leon to retract the bill.

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