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Originally Posted by icaris View Post
Sniper rifles 250-300ft (for the eagle m6 ive tried anyway)

I'd really like to see that. LOL Every vendor that lists a range puts the range anywhere between 115-195 feet, which I can easily believe, though the 195 feet range is probably it's maximum range, not the maximum usable range. We have a 100 foot range measured out on our field and lot of players are shocked at how little usable range some of their guns actually get. So many people just do not have the ability to estimate range worth a crap.

I've been playing the better part of a decade and have yet to see ANY airsoft gun shoot a football field for range. Most M4/G36K sized guns and get 100-120 feet of usable range out of the box. That means you should be able to hit a man sized target with some repeatability. A longer, M16 length gun should usably shoot about 20-30 feet father if you're lucky. Aftermarket hopup and barrel upgrades can extend that usable range quite a bit.

The SCR series of G36's are ok for the money. If they were more available, I'd recommend the CA G36, but it is higher priced. The SRC is a decent, mid-price/mid-quality model. It's not a pile of crap, but don't expect miracles from it either. I haven't seen any real problems with the line other than the odd trigger switch issue and sealing problems. The SRC hopup assembly isn't compatible with any other G36 hopup chamber, but any mags fit as will aftermarket inner barrels.
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