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Threats from across the border!

In the state of California a bill, SB798, may get passed making it law to have all airsoft guns be brightly colored or clear.

Some of you may think, it's too far to affect us but you couldn't be more wrong.
People, higher ups, that are against airsoft look for these kind of things to strengthen their views on our sport. It's important that all airsofters, no matter what country you're from, get involved and make your voice heard.

I've already sent the Californian Governor an email regarding this bill, it was well written and emphasized the actions of denying many responsible people the right to this great sports just to penalize a few irresponsible players.

This is what I wrote, I know we have lawyers and the like in the community so please jump in and help your fellow airsofters around the world and let your voice be heard.

I'm a Canadian airsofter and I was just recently made aware of a bill, SB798 to be exact, that the state of California plans on passing regarding airsoft guns being brightly colored or clear due to the actions of select few individuals that do not have the support of the airsoft community. These individuals are a mere 1% or less of individuals who handle their airsoft guns in a disrespectful and harmful manner, I urge you to not take actions against all players because of the actions of a select few.

Sebastien Cote, Barrie, ON
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