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Originally Posted by icaris View Post
I cant really say how far other AEGs shoot.

I just bought a Aftermath Knight CQB and it goes 200-225ft roughly.
Sniper rifles 250-300ft (for the eagle m6 ive tried anyway)

Also good to note that any G36 series gun is made of a hard plastic. A hard fall on the gun will more then likely break it.

A friend of mine has the Umarex H&K G36C and it is a VERY finicky gun. It will only shoot velocity arms bb's and they have to be double polished. (this was going to be my first buy until i tested it out and went with the Knight instead)
blind leading the blind..

if you're not using double polished BBs you're using crap

After math knight doesn't shoot 200 feet

sniper rifles are roughly the same as an AEG until upgraded

Just because it shoots that far doesn't mean your grouping is any good. my sniper rifle can shoot 500 feet with the hop up all the way on... but I couldnt hope to hit a building sized target consistently.

ALSO the CA G36 is made of nylon not plastic
IIRC the echo1 is the same but don't quote me on that.
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