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Originally Posted by BearJew View Post
Any good, is it worth the 400 for what ill be getting, what are the pros and cons.
It is a good gun if you want a G36, though I would get a metal-constructed rifle if I was in your position. Yes I know that the real G36 body is made out of polimer but IMO nothing feels better than the cold metalic feening in your hands.

Originally Posted by icaris View Post
I cant really say how far other AEGs shoot.

I just bought a Aftermath Knight CQB and it goes 200-225ft roughly.
Sniper rifles 250-300ft (for the eagle m6 ive tried anyway)

Also good to note that any G36 series gun is made of a hard plastic. A hard fall on the gun will more then likely break it.

A friend of mine has the Umarex H&K G36C and it is a VERY finicky gun. It will only shoot velocity arms bb's and they have to be double polished. (this was going to be my first buy until i tested it out and went with the Knight instead)
Don’t listen to this guy, it is obvious that he has no fucking idea what he is talking about.


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