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Originally Posted by mcguyver View Post
WTF are you supposed to do with this tapatalk crap? I downloaded an app, so now what?
Which version? Free or paid? The free version won't let you post, I believe, and only allows you to read all content your user access permits.

Run the app and find the search tab then search for Airsoft Canada. Once you open ASC, simply log on and browse the forums.

The first page that opens is the current unread 'new posts' that you haven't viewed yet. At the bottom you can change to the forums tab to go directly to the sub forum you want.

PM tab is for your PM's. Note, it auto saves outgoing messages so if you max out your inbox, check you saved folder.

In the 'More' tab, you can customize the bottom bar to show your preferred tabs. In it you can also do site wide searching and a bunch of other stuff.

If you log out of ASC, there's a settings tab which you can customize the way tapatalk is viewed. ie, 20 posts per page, different page view styles, view avatars and pictures etc...

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