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Hello All! and a few possible questions.

Per the forum/new member rules...

Hi, Steve here. I'm just getting back into milsim after a long, long lull (close to 20 yrs). Originally got interested back in 1977-78 when spring guns were just coming out and they fired plastic pellets (the ones shaped like the Crossman pellets). Moved over to paintgun combat during the 80's, and milsim with BBs in the early 90's before putting it all aside for other commitments (university studies).

Now getting back into the sport, and can see that it's matured further that I ever expected, both in technology and community!

Thank GOD for the internet.

Connections: looking to find an age verifier within a 1-hr drive of Kitchener-Waterloo, Ontario. I have not looked at the AV board to find one yet, but will after this posting.

Connections II: also looking for a club or group in my local area (Waterloo Region and surrounding areas) to potentially join. Any leads would be appreciated.

TM/CA storefronts: Wow, trying to find a TM/CA dealer is almost like trying to find hen's teeth. Anyone know a reputable dealer? Other manufacturers I'm looking at includes RCS, VFC & Ares, but I'm not familiar with their reliability/durability histories. My preference is for guns that have high reliability, and as much metal as possible. (No, I'm not an elitist - I believe in buying things once, and keeping it in service for years. Long-term cost savings is more important than lower up-front costs, imo.)

Personal weapon choices: SCAR, HK416 & G36.

Oh, and Thanks for Reading! See y'all in the forums!
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