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Originally Posted by ThunderCactus View Post
If your not using it, WELL L96 or whatever chinese garbage passes for an airsoft gun.
If your going to be using it seriously in a game, tokyo marui VSR-10.
And you will absolutely be upgrading it, no ifs ands or buts. The difference in performance between an upgraded and stock sniper rifle is too enormous to not upgrade it.
not to mention if he goes for something cheap he will be forced to upgrade it as his piston goes, his sears go, his trigger breaks, his hop up tears and his barrel flakes.

Case in point my TSD. I paid $140 for it with a scope, trigger sear broke so that needed replacing... had to buy a whole new trigger set for it because the reinforced ones wern't available. Worked for part of a game than the piston got a flat spot on it. Had to replace that with a metal one. Worked for a bit than the trigger sear got worn down because of the new piston. Had to replace that with a PDI or deep fire I forget. THAN the fricking hop up broke *Arm that pushes down on the bucking carrier* no where on earth seems to sell that piece so I had to buy an "upgrade kit" for $50 that happened to come with the right part. OH and my sling mounts are broken and I have had to modify both thread holes for the body bolts as they have stripped out. My bipod doesn't stay on anymore because that screw stripped out as well in the middle of a game. OH! And the safety has broken off once because of the slam fire issue that the bolt presented me.
So in total we have
gun $140
trigger $50
Piston/spring set $40
Trigger sear $50
Upgrade kit for hop up $50
Time and effort trying to keep it running... about 5 hours

so $330 total... and these are just things to keep it running not real upgrades... I hate this gun sometimes haha.
Atleast the scope hasn't stopped working but thats a bushnell haha.

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