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Delta Charlie
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Hey guys I've been looking at getting a sniper rifle to add to my collection but I don't know which one to get
The Well L96 is my first choice. I like the power but I have heard it has not great accuracy for it's long barrel and hop up issues to
The Vsr 10 is the other one, not as powerful but I ve heard they re really accurate and lots of other good stuff
I m not probably going to be upgrading it so I wanna know which is best stock. I would like to buy from buyairsoft at best.
And for everyone I already own 2aeg's so I now want a sniper rifle
The last one, is a little different, it's more of a side offer, the 702 custom sniper rifle, it shoots faster than the both and its built with a vsr 10 platform so it should be more accurate and reliable than the Well (from what I've heard)
Any help would be great thanks.

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