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I'd love to play in a GBBR only game but reality doesn't always allow that. Not everybody has plus there's always guns going down the night before because people were tweaking, upgrading or even just looking at their gun. So they go to a backup.

I have no problems with games mixing AEG and GBBR's but there also has to be a hard ammo cap where everyone is restricted to the same maximum limit plus they must real cap their mags to 30 rounds (34 for AEG's that loose BB's on mag changes)

Originally Posted by wildcard View Post
So always have a reliable AEG as a back up.
as with any GBBR or AEG, it's best to have a reliable backup period.

We've been to countless games where several primary guns have gone down. Several of these games Wildcards multiple redundant backups would be loaned out because people didn't have a backup or a secondary.
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