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Originally Posted by Eeyore View Post
Gbbr's are great fun but everyone here will tell you not to buy one as a first gun. As you will need an aeg as a back up it is preferable to get one first before investing $1000 into a gbbr platform.
I disagree but would not completely disagree

GBBR are purely depends on what kinda of person you are. If you like to plink in your yard (rural) or play APSC (indoor or weather permit) They're really fun to use. I have my first AEG, (EBB) and the only thing that could satisfy me is the full auto, otherwise it's pretty boring to shoot.

As for maintenance, I think every gun needs it, GBBR are more like M16, needs more check up than guns like FAL, G3, or AK in their days.

As for GBBR only games, I doubt there will be many. For big cities like Montreal, Toronto, and Vancouver probably once or twice a month. For a smaller cities, its unlikely.
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