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Originally Posted by BloodSport View Post
There has been some glitches on the boards lately, such as people being able to randomally reply to threads in the classifieds. There is some potential software updates being done tonight if possible or over the next few days, so if you see the boards go offline do not be shocked.
I tried reporting this bug through the reporting feature, but have not received a response yet. See my reply to another persons classified thread?

I was able to do this through the iPhone native app, as it probably bypasses the normal filters in place by vB.

Originally Posted by W0lf View Post
ever heard of a LAG SWITCH? have you ever even played ANY game on ANY system, console or pc, with a hacker?

but yea, i like how someone with a bit of knowledge (or had seen it before)
had posted the link to a site that does use a "annoying member filter".

its the internet. anything is possible. even a homeless man reaching through the second or third USB port on the back of your PC and reaching for that half empty bottle of jack and burning cigarette beside you.
Coincidentally, I actually helped (in part) develop that hack for vB.
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