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The Entitlement is strong in this one.

I'm with Ex. Enough whining. There are plenty of places out there you can waste your time if you're not happy with how things work here.

I'll tell you this right now. Piss off the staff and you'll be out of here faster than Ignatieff on May 3rd. We don't owe any of you anything, and we give up a fair amount of time to take care of business here. We do our best to be fair and impartial, to address concerns, and we still manage to get shit on whenever someone on here feels slighted.

I don't think there's a board staffer who has less than 10 years on this site, and it's previous incarnations. In that time, we tend to develop a pretty keen sense of who's going to cause trouble and who's not, and we respond accordingly.

If you don't like it, 4Chan is just a URL away.
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what if it model after his?
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