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Originally Posted by redneck12 View Post
Hi guys, just watched a ASGI vid on this bill, it is in the last phase of being passed. During the vid they say this bill will affect airsoft world wide. Just wondering how this will effect us Canadians. The only thing I can figure is a few less gear suppliers if they close down, since we can not legally buy guns from them any ways.

Just looking for some thoughts on this matter.

no the GUN laws will change not GEAR laws

the bill has yet to pass and is not about to pass if you actually read up there is plenty of support against the bill.

airsoft gi has even asked for people to stop spreading misinformation and assuming things before the bill is passed.

And I do not understand how this would affect us globally I think they meant global customers. but since we are not one of them and have our own laws to deal with.
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