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Originally Posted by mmmken View Post
Why is it beyond ridiculous?

Are you trying to tell me that ignoring their customers is good business?

He is not whining about a new technology. He is "whining" about the lack of communication from the company. A lack of communication is a lack of customer service.
No.. he's whining because he did not get the answer he wanted..

how many "how 'bout now"? questions do you think they get regarding the release of new models... 100s a day?

If the only source of information was from a direct response to an inquiry I'd say that ignoring those inquiries would be bad customer service.

But when a company has a pretty good public face in the form of a website that historically has been pretty good for updating with new information and announcements. And does regular YOUTUBE release and question and answer sessions to address customer interest, I'd say they are doing a good job.
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