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Originally Posted by Brian McIlmoyle View Post
Would the response, Please contact your local distributer work for you?

They have posted their distributor network on their site.. It is beyond ridiculous for individuals who are inquiring about new models coming out to expect a personal response from the manufacturer.

Sure it's nice when you get one.. but to expect it? come on.

So.. they should hire 20 people to respond to individual inquiries.. and then pass that cost on to you when you buy their guns? It makes NO sense from a business standpoint.

Lots of companies will offer personal service when they are small and dealing with few people or selling direct to the public. This is not the case for this company.
Why is it beyond ridiculous?

Some companies decide to provide good customer service by replying to their customer (and end-user) concerns. They absorb the extra manpower as a marketing cost. The happier their end-users are, the more their direct customers buy (to meet end-user demand). The only reason why their direct customers buy "100's of guns at a time" is because of their end-users. With respect, I would not want to have you in any strategic decision-making position in any company with that kind of reasoning.

Apple for instance, provides exceptional customer service, and the success they've seen is a testament to this. Hell, Steve Jobs sometimes even replies to his emails. Actually, almost every decent corporation replies to their customer emails (whether direct or end-users). Those that don't; rarely stick around.

Are you trying to tell me that ignoring their customers is good business?

Originally Posted by Styrak View Post
Whining about a new technology that only this company is making, and has nothing to do with customer service?

He is not whining about a new technology. He is "whining" about the lack of communication from the company. A lack of communication is a lack of customer service.
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