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Originally Posted by PMC84X View Post
I would hope so Matt, But this is what I was told from someone who talks to a Staff member on ASC Regularly.

So I am gonna assume its just bad luck on my part.... and not something like that.
Again, its not my computer... I had no issue before, and no one else has an issue on my computer.

I would like the Staff to check into it, cuz its rather annoying
I just checked your account and I don't see anything wrong with it. Who was it that told you this information? What am I suppose to be looking for?

TheNoobLord once complained about a similar problem, and I'd joked with him that he was annoying, so I put him in to a group that made things difficult for him. If that's the case, then I suppose Alex took what I said a bit too seriously.

Try flushing your cache from all the devices you're using to access ASC, and stop surfing for porn and pirating software off sketchy sites. LOL
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