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The last question I posed to WE directly was answered with...."contact Velocity Arms...they're our Canadian retailer". Perfectly reasonable.

On another note, I suspect that due to the US restrictions on WE's M4 (ATF issue) they're going to want to make sure everything is lined up nicely before they "launch" it here. Coupled with the "open bolt" movement...I suspect one effort is tied to the other (i.e. we won't see a new US friendly closed bolt M-series). So...perhaps it's going to move just about as quickly as the ATF&Co. are interested in moving it along.

From what I's going to require a different lower altogether (US issue) if you waiting for a "drop in kit" to your existing one, I wouldn't hold your breath. I hope there is one....but I wouldn't peg all my hopes and dreams on it.

I suspect that WE would not be dragging it's heels to statisfy a market demand for something it makes.
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