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So yea.. Paranoid unsubstantiated claims that staff purposefully malign peoples accounts to dole out stealth justice to people they don't like.

Think really really hard about what your saying. Seriously. If after you spent a few minutes breaking down your purported scenario in your head you still believe it then you might want to seek professional help for your psychosis.

Staff members have and always have been transparent about whom they do and do not like and have been honest and upfront about any kind of remedial actions they take. In short, if staff finds you disruptive or annoying then you will definitely know about it.

If after you've reconsidered your insane hypothesis, You might want to try clearing all temporary save data and cached "cookies" as well as switching to an optimized browser. Also ASC is often laggy when interfacing from an Iphone as there is quiet alot to transmit, I suggest you pick up the app for these boards instead of using safari.

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