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Originally Posted by kullwarrior View Post
Regardless the number of customers, if you don't respond, ultimately it's going to hurt you.

ever heard of Heckler & Koch's bad motto? "because you suck, and we hate you" This was stemmed directly out of H&K Customer Service for not helping the individual (they only deal with distributor or military/law-enforcement)
look what happened to them. The same can also occur to WE.

Would the response, Please contact your local distributer work for you?

They have posted their distributor network on their site.. It is beyond ridiculous for individuals who are inquiring about new models coming out to expect a personal response from the manufacturer.

Sure it's nice when you get one.. but to expect it? come on.

So.. they should hire 20 people to respond to individual inquiries.. and then pass that cost on to you when you buy their guns? It makes NO sense from a business standpoint.

Lots of companies will offer personal service when they are small and dealing with few people or selling direct to the public. This is not the case for this company.
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