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WE Tech Airsoft- Where are you James?

Alright, so I have been waiting as patiently as I possibly could for the last 6+ months for the M4 open bolt conversion for WE's m4 since before the preview video that was released on Christmas. Now just like so many other WE-m4 owners I have put countless hours and dollars into this gun to get it to simply shoot through a doorway 25 feet in front of me. Us subscribers on WE's Youtube channel have been told time and time again that release dates changed until James from WE just stopped replying. I have checked WE's Website on a very regular basis and am dissapointed to find that their "contact us" part of the website does not exist.

My question is this, Does anyone here on ASC Talk to or know how to get ahold of a WE rep? or know if they are even still in buisness? I know that Velocity Arms is Canadas WE distributor, and I have sent them a message and am currently waiting on a reply. Thanks in Advance, your time and effort is much appreciated.
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