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Originally Posted by icaris View Post
Have you found any solution to this problem? 2 members of my airsoft team have the exact same problem with their eagle m6s.

Dont mind all the rude people, there are actually some really helpful and friendly people here on ASC.
If you read above kalnaren said it's a broken spring guide... So I would assume you need a new one (if youre teammates are suffering the same problem). Now whether or not it uses a standard spring guide is up in the air but if they can take apart their rifles and try to fit in a new spring guide, put it back together and it works then that's the solution. If it needs a proprietary spring guide.... you probably need to contact the manufacturer in that case.

PS: Swiss Arms = Cybergun = rebranded Chinaclones. Find out who the OEM of the rifle is and you might be able to convince the factory to send you a replacement spring guide.
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