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Newbie questions about collecting

Hey everyone,

I'm a super noob when it comes to Airsoft. As in, know very little about it, and don't know anyone who's into it.

Right now, I'm actually curious about collecting airsoft guns, moreso than playing any sports associated with it. Partially because I'm something of a weapon aficionado, and partially due to being an independent filmmaker, so it'd be nice to have a small assortment of replica weapons to use on set without having to go through the official (and expensive) channels.

I guess I'm wondering if this sort of thing is done, or if most of the Airsoft community here are in it to play competitively. I imagine the major difference in my case would be that I'm looking at buying guns for aesthetic reasons moreso than functionality.

I did give the FAQs and stickies a read-through, but I'd be interested to hear from anyone who might already be doing something similar. Finding out your experiences in doing such, or if this is even a good idea.

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