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Originally Posted by DEATH2000 View Post
I wouldn't spend the extra money on the MAX line. Depending on where you live it will shoot too hot for most fields. Also most people don't believe a new player should be using a hot gun like that until they learn how to use it safely. Save the money and buy the normal version if your set on it. That way you'll actually be able to use it at most fields.
I understand it is too hot right now and I void warranty by replacing the spring. I was just wondering if the:

Torque-Up Reinforced Gears
G&G High Torque Motor
Metal Ball Bearing Spring Guide
Reinforced Piston
High Compression Metal Piston Head
Reinforced Metal Cylinder Head
Low Resistance Silver Wiring
Tight Bore Barrel (6.04mm)

Is this AEG worth the extra cash for the upgrades if I planned on getting a G & P M16A4 and upgrading it later on anyways? I'm not planning on hitting up the feilds for games until I get comfortable using my new gun anyways.
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