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Originally Posted by L473ncy View Post
Hey I resent that. My join date may be fairly old but it's not like I charge outrageous prices for my stuff (granted I've only made 2 sales, and the rest were me buying stuff).

It's better to get a feel of the seller and how well respected they are. Granted Kuro Neko may be slightly right about some of his points and they are generally good indicators but don't only use those as indicators.
No disrespect intended. If I was looking at a sales thread by you then I'd take a chance on you despite the somewhat low trader rating, just cause you've been around a long time and have a very good post count. That indicates to me you're active in the community and wouldn't risk your rep on a scam. I really only meant the join date is the clincher if both the other conditions are true. For example, if your post count was 5 instead of 2600+ in the seven years you've been a member then I'd be pretty suspicious. Even then I'd weigh the content of those 5 posts as well. Granted in that circumstance I'd definitely not take the chance on a $600 gun. But for a $50 vest or a battery or some mags or such I might.

Originally Posted by Danke View Post
I would say look in the Dr.'s Corner also.

If the guy had 10 threads about what a piece of junk his new WE SCAR was and all the parts he broke just testing it out, and the a week later the gun is in the classifieds, "only 50 BBs", or "just backyard plinking" you can just move on to another ad.
That's a very good point, and something that I should really do more often.
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