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Originally Posted by Kuro_Neko View Post
Generally there's three things you want to look at when buying from the classifieds: Trader Rating, Post Count and Join Date. ... really recent or really old then avoid for major purchases, otherwise you're pretty safe.
Hey I resent that. My join date may be fairly old but it's not like I charge outrageous prices for my stuff (granted I've only made 2 sales, and the rest were me buying stuff).

It's better to get a feel of the seller and how well respected they are. Granted Kuro Neko may be slightly right about some of his points and they are generally good indicators but don't only use those as indicators.

PS: As a rule I usually give people I'm buying from/selling to other contact info in order to contact me just incase. You should ask the same of other people you deal with. For example one transaction I did, I got slightly wrong info and I contacted the seller through their phone number to sort it out.
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