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Originally Posted by FACE View Post
Please don't paint the classifieds with a wide brush. I've purchased many items off of them and only been burned once.
I've only really had one kinda negative interaction off the classifieds out of the fifty transactions I've made, and the seller and I settled things acceptably.

Generally there's three things you want to look at when buying from the classifieds: Trader Rating, Post Count and Join Date. If the first is in single digits (or negative obviously), the second in single or low double digits and the last really recent or really old then avoid for major purchases, otherwise you're pretty safe. We're really quite good at self-policing around here. If someone gets a rep for scams they basically become a pariah. And since this forum is pretty much *the* gathering place for airsofters in Canada, being a pariah here means the scammer is out of the sport.

As to your purchase, try to talk to the seller. It may have just been an innocent mistake and he'll refund some or all of your money. If he won't then leave a negative review. Then get on the gundoc section of the forum and see if anyone has any suggestions on how to fix up your gun.
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