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Thanks for the response guys, really helpful advices i am receiving.

@L473ncy: True i checked out some of the smaller versions of the M4 and other rifles with fold able stocks and shortened barrel but it still seem like it consumed a very large amount of footprint. I was planning on gettimg something that consumes really small amount of footprint so i can easily move around in public transportation as i don't want people to get scared seeing someone with such a large rifle bag/case or anything suspicious looking as we all know airsoft is a very fragile sport in Canada.

@m102404: I thought about doing the pistol set up but i was reading a thread on this forum that said pistols are not necessary a good starter weapon for getting into airsoft because of several reasons which is why i eliminated the pistol on my checklist. Nice on the recommendation for boots as a good investment, i didn't think about investing in something like a boot with good grip, thanks!

I will defiantly try to get to TTAC3 and rent a gun and get the feel and jest of things, i just wish the place operated a bit earlier than 8PM.

*Also anyone knows if torontoairsoft restock their items frequently or when they're out of stock your out of luck? I will try to contact the user later today.

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