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I wrote THIS up a while ago...with a new person just starting out in mind.

It might help you get things figured out.

It speaks to types of games...a bit of gear...what's involved...selecting guns a bit.

TTAC3 is a great place to get started. You can start with a minimum of gear....or go full tilt on gear/weapons. Brian's setup offers a new guy starting out an awesome resource for information, getting sorted out with this or that, guidance from other guys who've been playing for a good while, etc... Take full advantage of what's available there. All you have to do is have enough initiative to walk through the doors with your eyes and ears open and your brain switched on. They world's your oyster from then on.

For MUST have the following beforehand:
- Ballistic, full seal eye protection. Paintball goggles are fine (i.e. DYE, JT, etc...).
- Good footwear that offers ankle support...and good treads so you won't slip on BBs on the wood flooring there.
* that's it...minimal investment...not complex

You can arrange retal guns for the night from Brian. You'll get everything you need to shoot BBs.

As minimal as it can be....I STRONGLY suggest you have some extra protection on:
- face'll stop bleeders and busted teeth...a PB mask will do
* it's not mandatory...BUT I cannot more strongly recommend a facemask there.
- gloves...almost any gloves are better than none
- loose'll take the sting out of close shots
- clothing appropriate to run around for several hours in a gym...a hoodie sweatshirt might sound like a good idea...but being laid out from heat exhaustion isn't.
- cup for the water cooler

Re. Specific Guns and stuff like that.
I cannot strongly recommend enough that you get your hands on as many different types as possible to see how they "fit" you. Go to TTAC3, rent something and then see what others are using.
* if you want a ultra simple setup that's not a rifle...strongly consider simply running a pistol, with mags and a dump pouch on a belt. You'll be able to fit everything you need in a low-profile knapsack. (Watch for the massive kit bags/cases and crates of sh*t guys bring to games....and you'll immediately see the appeal of a "one-bag" setup )

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