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If you're waiting for a response from AV reps you could also be proactive about it.

Brian M. who runs TTAC3 is an AV rep as is ArmyIssue in Port Credit Mississauga and you can oodle the stuff that Army Issue has while you're there anyways.

As far as the E90 goes. Supposedly it's actually really good for the price as you can obviously tell from the reviews. The only problem that I should point out is that it uses the V6 gearbox rather than the standard V2 or V3. It is reinforced and can survive cold weather better than a V2 can and yes there are some parts that are common but if there's a specific part that's only for the V6 that breaks well... good luck finding a replacement (they *can* be found and are made but aren't as common so most places won't stock them).

If you're planning CQB then you could consider smaller guns like the MP5 (or variant), the AK47 ("Beta Spetz"), or an M4 CQBR. Just know that there are shortened/CQB variants for most guns hell even the G36C could be used for CQB (as opposed to the K or regular models). There's even the M4 "CQB pistol" which basically doesn't have a rear stock (not sure if there's a real life counterpart though and if there is it's probably an Armoured/Mechanized thing since the APC/IFC is pretty tight and cramped). You may have to buy something that's not ideal and then modify it to your liking. Also don't discount renting for your first time. I'm sure if you ask beforehand if you can get a rental at TTAC3 you can be provided one for 20 bucks or something then see what works and what doesn't.

PS: I have no problem helping someone like you out. It's a big change from the kind of noobs (usually underage) that we regularly get. ie. "W0t am b3st sn1per? I gud sn1pe liek 999FPS and eye get 10x lazur scoope 2 get da 1337 h3adsh00ts"
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