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The reason you're getting slammed is not because of what your trying to do, but because you have NOTHING to back your words. You clearly havent thought this through, nor have you thought about the legalities for manufacturing airsoft guns in canada.

You seriously need to sit down, shut up and open a book and learn how things are done in canada before spewing out "I wanna do this and that".

Come up with a sound business plan, product designs, or contracts with existing manufacturers who are willing to manufacture for you in canada, or take a hike. Unless you have even ONE of those, you are no different from the 10's of thousands of kids out there who want to make a quick buck.

The community is more than willing to help you out, but only if you show that you are dedicated and serious about what you're doing. Noone is going to waste their breath on you unless you have something worth discussing.
not manufactured in Canada my friend. First post says it would be hk,taiwan or singapore based. I dont think importation into Canada would be too much of a problem if hes planning on only clear fiber glass receivers.
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