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There is no AV on Red Alliance.

Rules for Selling/Buying are:
1. Do not post a sale advertisement without an introduction.

2. Do not post a sale advertisement with zero prior posts.

3. Do not post a sale for someone else, only sell you own items.

4. First post of 'I'll take it (if we agree on the terms)' trumps any PM sent. PM sent is usually nothing more than a question or price negotiation.

5. For sale threads are not discussion topics. The only posts allowed in the selling section are questions about the item for sale. No ad stomping of any sort. If you don't like the price, don't buy it. If you know where the item can be had cheaper or you would like to offer it for sale your self, do it in your own thread.

6. Once your item is sold, edit only the subject line of the ad to reflect "SOLD" or "SPF" so everyone knows the item is no longer available. Do not delete/edit the original title, ad text, or asking price.

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