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A lot of people are talking about "return from Spawn" situations.. where the 1 or 2 guys try to get back into the game and end up shooting their own guys.

the issue here is again.. Communication.

put in place a rejoining procedure in which returning players hold up at a designated place and then are picked up by the unit in the field,

Returning players should call ahead and link up with their unit before they look to engage anyone. Instead of running headlong towards whatever fight they can hear.

Of course.. in loose skirmish situations where no one has radios and there is no structure or control ..and lines are mixed up, where it is basically a free for all ... it's really not reasonable to expect to not be shot by your own team..

lets not even mention the fact that the only way you get shot in the back of the head is

1. you have no rear security
2. people like to shoot you in the back of the head
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