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Note that AGM and ACM are not the same!

AGM = Airsoft Gun Manufacture(er?) (I don't know if the Engrish is there on purpose)
ACM = "All China Made" (Usually for low quality stuff ie. Okley, Abibas, Sqny) although it would be proper to say that Nike is ACM it's high quality enough that it's not considered ACM.

If it was AGM I don't know but $250-275 would seem like a fair price. If it's "ACM" then I'd be a bit wary about it since you don't really know where it's coming from and what kind of tolerances/QC there is on the factory that made it.

Given that it was tinted though and if it did come from China I'd predict it's a JG (VA/Velocity Arms "OEM" rebrand). If it came from Taiwan it could be SRC (Star Rainbow Company, I know a great name right?), or G&G "Guay Guay Airsoft".
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