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Originally Posted by Skytorn View Post
, So why on Earth is there such little motivation to make new forms and shapes for these shells?
It will cost five to ten thousand dollars to open up a mold to make those shells. Those molds wear out and have to be replaced also, it's not a one time expense. The more they're used the quicker they're used up.

How many non-M4s would have to sell to get that 5K back and start making money? What percent of spare parts will you hold and for how many years will you pay for the warehouse space for those parts? How many more non-M4s will need to sell to pay for that expense?

As an aside there is almost no gun that you can't get an airsoft version of. Sure some may be harder to get but they're out there.

Then look at the little one off builders like Candyman or Dobey. The used their natural talent to turn out some amazing pieces but the shallow pockets of the average player won't support that type of boutique build.

So what can you do? Take a look at Airsoft Innovations. They're a Canada based company that is wildly succesful. It's clear that there is room if you can indentify a need.
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